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Thread: The Steelers are going to be looking up in the standings for awhile after this loss...

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    It is still early .However if we stay the course we should get a good draft slot

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    Lebeau must go.
    The Steeler the only way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Black@Gold Forever32 View Post
    Well the Eagles are by no means playing well at this point either but still I can't see this current defense stopping Vick and company.......I think this team could handle the Titans hopefully.....Right now the Bengals offense would tear the Steelers D a new butthole......I couldn't see this defense stopping RGIII.......

    The Steelers are looking like a 6-10 football team......I hope I'm wrong.....
    The Steelers always have a way of making teams like the 0-2 Raiders look legit. Like you said, I hope this defense can withstand Vick & McCoy and punch in enough points to at least squeak by our next few games and build some confidence. Because going into the bye week at 1-2 off this loss, definitely put a dent in any they may have had.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Real Deal Steel View Post
    Lebeau must go.
    Give it a rest man,for the love of god! You're out in Cali,alot of us actually
    live here and deal with this crap all the time with local radio/t.v. etc...
    If I can deal with it and have respect for LeBeau please try the same.
    The guy can only roll out who he is given by Colbert and Co. This is the
    hand he is dealt currently,until that changes you know he's doing what
    he can and knowing LeBeau he'll work it out with what he has.

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