The Steelers usually don't have blowout road game wins against bad teams.

We didn't have 1 road game last year where we won by more then 13pts. Look at the bad teams we struggled with on the road last year. Barely beat the Colts, and Kansas City had a chance to beat us at the end with Palko (Who?) as their QB even though he threw 3 ints during that game. Then of course the last game of the year at Cleveland we only won by 4pts. Not one blow out win on the road unless you want to count the Cardinals game, but I don't consider 32-20 a blow out win. In 2010 at least we had 2 blowout road wins, beat the Bucs 38-13 and Browns 41-9.

Mark it down, if we beat the Raiders it's gonna be by 13 or less points.

My Prediction:

Steelers 27
Raiders 17