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Thread: Are the Steelers too frugal?

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    Are the Steelers too frugal?

    The Steelers rank last in the NFL in total players salariers, 2005-2011. The Steelers have spent 621 million. The Buccaneers are the next lowest but 60 million away. For a long time, the low salaries have not impacted performance. The Steelers have been to 3 superbowls and won two of them. It looks like salaries aren't affecting the Giants, which spent $695 million and had the 3rd lowest total. That means that the steelers and Giants have won 4 out of the 7 superbowls in this period with the lowest paid players on average in the NFL.

    Minnesota and Oakland had the two highest spending teams. The additional 30% in salaries did not translate into more wins or more superbowls. In fact, the opposite. The Vikings and Raiders have made the playoffs only once in the past 7 years.

    New Orleans and Indianapolis were the 3rd and 4th highest salaries and the extra pay paid off with a Superbowl each. I know the Packers complain about being in a small market, but they have the 6th highest salaries. They got a Superbowl title as well.

    What does all this mean? First, the Steelers know how to run a mean and lean operation, similar to Romney at Bain Capital. They are getting the most value for their money. Secondly, it says that money does not buy success. You need the right people. The highest paid players are not always the most best.

    Finally, the Steelers maybe should start to pay to acquire for proven vets. It's obvious the Steelers are lacking in depth on the Oline and at LB's. They addressed those positions in the offseason. It takes awhile to work the 1st year players in the starting line up.

    Then you have injuries. This is the biggest culprit to the Steelers success. The Steelers need more depth. If the starters get hurt, no matter how much Tomlin talks about the standard, the standard precipitously drops off.

    1. Minnesota Vikings $808.4 million
    2. Oakland Raiders $797 million
    3. Indianapolis Colts $786.7 million
    4. New Orleans Saints $782.2 million
    5. San Diego Chargers $771.7 million
    6. Green Bay Packers $768.6 million
    7. Dallas Cowboys $760.7 million
    8. Houston Texans $760.4 million
    9. Miami Dolphins $760.3 million
    10. Baltimore Ravens $750.2 million
    11. Cleveland Browns $748.6 million
    12. Arizona Cardinals $747.4 million
    13. Atlanta Falcons $746.5 million
    14. Buffalo Bills $744.4 million
    15. Jacksonville Jaguars $746.2 million
    16. New England Patriots $742.4 million
    17. Philadelphia Eagles $741.2 million
    18. Carolina Panthers $737.8 million
    19. St. Louis Rams $737.5 million
    20. Washington Redskins $736.8 million
    21. Chicago Bears $733.5 million
    22. Cincinnati Bengals $732.2 million
    23. Seattle Seahawks $731.1 million
    24. Tennessee Titans $718.6 million
    25. San Francisco 49ers $718.3 million
    26. Kansas City Chiefs $716.7 million
    27. New York Jets $702.9 million
    28. Denver Broncos $701.5 million
    29. Detroit Lions $697.2 million
    30. New York Giants $695.9 million
    31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers $682.4 million
    32. Pittsburgh Steelers $621.3 million

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    Well picking up Tracey Porter helped the Broncos.

    I think if the right proven vet is available that can help the Steelers I would like them to use FA more.

    On the other hand, spending money isn't always the answer, check out which team is #1. You have to be wise.


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    Are the Steelers too frugal?

    Since Flo which FA signing has helped us?

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    There is little information in that "article" to make any response. The Steelers are last in spending since 2005. What does that mean?

    Is that year-by-year sum of salaries spent?

    Is that total money committed (but not necesarily spent) since then? For example, if in 2008, I sign a deal to pay Troy 10 million dollars a year starting 2010 for 10 years, does that count as 20 million or 100 (do I count the amount that is spent over the 2 years that contract is in force (3 if you count 2012) or do I count the total value of hte contract?)

    I can tell you this much, Steelers are near the bottom in terms of current cap space in 2012 (4.5 million). Teams usually save a little room in case they need to sign someone because of an injury. They were also near max of the cap last year, and went into the off season well over the cap. So from that aspect, I don't see them as being cheap at all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LatrobePA View Post
    Since Flo which FA signing has helped us?
    How many free agents have we signed since then? Not many. Steelers really need to look into that market for one or two key pick ups (sort of like Farrior and Ryan Clark were.) IMO, we do have some key needs that a nice FA pick up could address.

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    MEANINGLESS ALL THIS MEANS IS WE ARE proficent in drafting players also i think smarter players are less likely to ask for huge contracts because they know how it impacts the team as a whole

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    I personally think the Steelers avoided the OL position for a few years cause of Ben's scrambling ability and they did win championships so good in theory.They have been trying to address the OL through the draft these past three years but with young players and injuries they really need to look into doing some FA signings.

    Pitt builds there teams from the draft and works for the most part but it ain't fool proof and now and then you have to adjust and improvise, Crap happens Mr Rooney's and sometimes you need to go outside of your comfort zone to fix the problem.

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