With the probability of Harrison playing this Sunday not good, and the thought that Troy may not play, I was thinking about next year. The Free Agents next year on defense are Lewis, W. Allen, Foote, Hampton and Mundy are unrestricted, with McLendon and Sylvester being restricted. Then you have Troy and Harrison taking up 1/6 of the cap room combined with injury issues. So who do you resign or attempt to, who do you let walk?

I would resign Foote to help with ILB's Spence and Slyvester's development. I would try and resign Lewis for cheap, if he has a good year. I would tender the restricted guys, and that would be it. If Worilds or Carter have a decent year, I would let Harrison go, Clark's cap hit gets pretty big next year, I would consider letting him go and move Lewis or Allen to FS.