There were some good things and some not so good things after watching the Steelers unveil the new regular season Todd Haley offense last night.


No huddle: The Steelers executed this better than I've seen them do so in a long, long time. They weren't afraid to go to it in the middle of the game, not just when they were down in the 4th quarter. Ben was able to get rid of the ball quickly and consistently beat the blitz.

Heath Miller: He was money as usual, 4 catches for 50 yds and the Touchdown in the redzone. He was consistently able to get yards after the catch just like we're used to seeing.

Spreading the ball around: Brown was 4/74, Sanders 4/55, and Wallace was 4/37 yds. Each one was able to make some big plays and draw some personal fouls too for helmet to helmet contact by the defense.

Not so good:

Running game struggled last night, nobody was really able to get on track but if anything Dwyer was fairly effective in both the pass and run game. He had 2 catches for 11 yds and 9 rushes for 43 yds. Redman was just 11 rushes for 20 yds.

You can blame some of that on the offensive line injuries yet again, but either way the Broncos were able to make it largely ineffective for most of the game.

Redzone scoring: Here we go again, settling for Field Goals instead of Touchdowns. That 16 play, 64 yd drive that took almost 9 minutes ended up in just a Suisham Field Goal. You just can't have that type of ineffective output when finishing off drives, especially against Peyton Manning.

I liked the potential overall, and it's just going to take time to perfect.