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Thread: Server upgrade coming again

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    Server upgrade coming again

    Sunday night was a complete nightmare for all of us and it wasn't because we lost the game.

    Our servers went absolutely crazy and simply could not keep up with the traffic. People were having problems getting on all night long, myself included. I offer everyone my most sincere apologies.

    Our last upgrade was supposed to fix this but the host completely underestimated the traffic we get on gameday obviously. I worked with them all evening but to no avail.

    Long story short we had a ton of traffic during the game so now we are upgrading our server again on Monday. This one will put us on an even more powerful server with double the capacity limits and significantly more connections allowed at any given time.

    The host has assured me that this change will rectify all connection problems and we won't have a repeat of Sunday evening again.

    In case you are interested, we are going to break all previous stat records wide open at the rate we are going.

    - From BRC's Bionic of Awesomeness
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