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Thread: If there were a stat the Steelers defense would rank top 5 in is....

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    If there were a stat the Steelers defense would rank top 5 in is....

    Giving up points after the Steelers offense just scored points. This has been a trend for the Steelers just not for tonight, but for a couple of seasons now. My confidence is dwindling every time our offense scores that our defense can stop the opponets next drive and make them punt the football or get a turnover. Now alot of this is frustration right now. Everytime tonight we scored a FG or a TD the next drive for the Bronco's resulted in a score, mainly td's. Now this falls on DL and the players themselves. It seems like they relax a little bit instead of getting fired up the offense just gave them the lead to hold onto. How do you guys feel about this, I can not be the only person in steeler nation who feels the same way.

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    I think missing a few players and age caught up with the defense tonight not mention half of those players looked out of shape (around the belly). I remember reading about one of the coaches talking about getting longer offensive drives so the defense can rest more. To me that is admitting the defense is getting old and the coaches know it.

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    there isn't one standout defensive player on the field for us I'm afraid . . .

    Our best defensive player is rehabbing . . . it's not looking good!

    Everyone on defense last night, either underachieved, . . . or played to the best of their ability, which is just not cutting it . . .

    No one stood up to be counted and made a play that could have changed the game.
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    Let the young guys sit year after year, they'll learn a lot of game action like that.

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    Watching that game last night, seeing the defense just completely shut down in the 2nd half, I just don't get it.

    Denver was bringing the heat for 60 minutes, even when Ben wen to the no huddle.

    Peyton goes to the no huddle and all of the sudden everyone backs off of the pass rush for the Steelers. He picked apart that secondary like it was nothing; they had no answer for him at all.

    You would like to think they can step up and play inspired after the offense drives the length of the field and scores.

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    secondary still sucks.

    Wish we had William Gay...

    ...meanwhile he breaks up and endzone pass to seal the win.

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    I have Major concerns with the Defense.....I truly believe It's time for DLB to play more Golf in the fall......

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    Our defense just looked a little slow, almost a step behind out there. Getting James Harrison back will definitely help, he's our defensive leader, but that still doesn't solve our pass rush and secondary issues.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flame View Post
    secondary still sucks.

    Wish we had William Gay...

    ...meanwhile he breaks up and endzone pass to seal the win.
    Meanwhile Keenan Lewis breaks up an endzone pass to give our offense a chance...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big T View Post
    Meanwhile Keenan Lewis breaks up an endzone pass to give our offense a chance...
    Thank you Big T! I was going to respond but thought "why bother?"

    Lewis looked good last night (much better than Gay ever did against any elite passer we ever played). And Gay played average against the Seahawks who have a rookie QB.
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