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Thread: James Harrison now out for Denver game

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    Questionable usually means they play but in this case when you miss Thursday and Friday of practice it's a good bet that you don't play.

    If this were the playoffs then he'd find a way to get on the field, but no way he should be out there in game 1 and risk missing the next 3.

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    I dont expect him to play either, but I also expect that Chris Carter to fill in and do a great job seeing how he looked awesome in preseason and players like Adrian Robinson as well to see some snaps as well. If you can win tonight in Denver on D against Manning without both Clark and Harrison that would be a huge huge start to the season...

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    I think we should start 92 and let him play the first series. That will make the donkeys game plan for him the rest of the game. After the first series just use him a little bit. Carter has looked great in the preseason and looked ok last year when called upon. I think he is our future OLB and he should see quite a bit of action today. Would love to see him make a few big plays.
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    Chris Carter will step up!

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    Im looking forward to Carter getting some serious action tonight. He's got some good pass rush skills, but I worry about him dropping into coverage though. I think he steps up and has a solid game, he's got too!

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