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Thread: Key matchups for Steelers vs Broncos

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    Quote Originally Posted by SnakeEyes43 View Post
    Our secondary (minus Clark) vs Peyton and his WRs is by far the biggest key match up. It's obvious, but we will win or lose based on this match up.
    That's usually the case when you're talking about Peyton. They definitely need to put pressure on him and get them off the field on 3rd and long situations, but more importantly, the offense needs to control the ball, keep Manning off the field and avoid turnovers.

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    I'm not concerned about the front 7 at this point yet with the exception of Chris Carter only because he seems to have trouble dropping back in coverage. I'd look for Lebeau to minimize the times that scenario takes place, or send over some Safety help in those cases.

    Ryan Mundy has to be thinking about redemption in that game as much as Ike Taylor and anyone else. He's got the experience but I expect Peyton to attack the areas that Mundy helps cover.

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    I think Troy has a big game...

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