Browsing through Twitter this morning and came across Ed Bouchette's tweet in reference to his column talking about Wallace starting, Harrison and Worilds practicing, etc. but also some info as to why Essex has not yet been brought back and also why DeCastro is still on the active roster.

The Steelers did not make a roster move Monday and might not do so until next week -- or even a few more -- for several reasons.

They can put rookie offensive guard David DeCastro on injured reserve with the new special designation that he can be brought back in eight weeks. At the moment, he is on the 53-man roster. DeCastro's injury, which included a torn MCL, will keep him out longer than eight weeks, it has been determined.

If they do nothing now, they keep their options open in case they have another such injury, perhaps to a more vital player they would rather designate for the eight-week injured-reserve spot. Only one player can be given that designation.

Also, if they at least wait until after the first game, put DeCastro on the eight-week injured reserve and re-sign veteran offensive lineman Trai Essex, Essex's salary for this season will not be guaranteed. If they sign him before the first game, he would receive his entire salary -- and it would count against their cap -- no matter what.

From the PG