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Thread: Record predictions.

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    Record predictions.

    Have fun and just predict the Steelers record will be this season(doesnt have to be right, just gut feeling).

    Im going 10-6

    Steelers lose to

    Broncos,Ravens once, Eagles,Giants,Bengals(once) and Browns(once)

    I just think Manning will eat us alive passing the ball. I dont know if we will be that good this season to beat the Ravens twice. The Giants and Eagles defensive line will be to much for the Oline to handle, Somehow I think Cincy and the Browns pull one off against us also. Just my feeling. I think we take another Wildcard spot for the playoffs. I could be wrong, but just how I feel.
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    I think we are a perennial 12-4 team.

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    My prediction: I say not quite enough wins to one too many losses. And unless we go 16-0, that is the case!

    Honestly, I don't know what to think. The dynamics in the AFC north this year are off the charts. It could get crazy. I am thinking the Ravens D is going to flounder. I think the Raven offense will be the same 21 point a game so-so predictable outcome. I think we handle the Bengals and Browns easily. We could lose one to Baltimore based on injury and bad luck, which we have tons of. The Ravens seem to have no bad luck whatsoever. But I guess you make your own luck.

    I say a repeat of last year - 12 - 4. But we win the division, beating Baltimore twice, and lose a few WTF games along the way. Oh yeah, I think we destroy the Broncos!

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    My Prediction

    Quote Originally Posted by ChucktownSteeler View Post
    I think we are a perennial 12-4 team.
    I'm going with 12-4 also.

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    I see 11-5 or 10-6. If we beat the Broncos and look good, we will probably go 11-5 or 12-4. Probably split with the Ravens and maybe Bengals.....we could sweep the Bengals again but who knows if they are any better until we see them next Monday night against the Ravens.

    As far as predicting other teams we will lose to, who knows. Every NFL team has the ability to beat anyone....except the Browns.... But jokes aside, last year the Chiefs beat the Packers with a brand new QB (Orton) and coach, and anybody remember the Saints losing at home to the Rams? Or the Redskins sweeping the Giants who then went on to win the Superbowl after beating the Packers/49ers to get there. Or the Ravens beating us twice (1st game destroyed us), then they went on to lose in the season to bad teams like the Titans, Jaguars, and Seahawks. Or of course the most painful, Broncos beating us with a fullback as a QB and getting torched by a TD in the 1st play of OT. Then the Broncos go on to get slayed by the Patriots, a team we beat in the regular season. NFL is crazyyyyyyyyy, any given Sunday.
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    i agree w/ the 10-6 we usually lose to someone we should't lose to, lol.
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    10-6. Defense will struggle with injuries and youth and offense will take time to get up to speed.
    Coming to you live from the Fortress of Steelertude!

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    I'm gonna go 11-5 at best. If we're being real, we wont be scoring that many points as we could. We have 6 too many injuries and an unsigned star. Who knows we are the Steelers, we'll be ok I think

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    If we go anything less than 2-1 before the by week then we are in some serious sh&t to start the year. I don't see us going any worse than 10-6 but at best I'll go with 12-4. I think it really all depends on how quickly the offense finds it's groove and how well the OL holds up.

    Surprisingly Im not as worried about the defense right now as I thought I might be.

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