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Thread: Wallace talks with the media; wants to focus on the future not the past

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flame View Post
    Wrong, I've had enough of these hood rats ruining the NFL, it's about time the league only allows players in with a certain I.Q. and no criminal record, and the moment they do they are out, same with these selfish individuals like Wallace, Owens, list goes on. All they want is money, money money money.

    If they want so much money, they shouldn't of ****ed around in class trying to be the ghetto kid, and worked hard and earn degrees.

    Instead he takes his ****** personality and athleticism to the league, where he wants to blow it away when he was offered a fair deal.

    TBH, if he broke his leg and was out for the season, I would smile and be pleased.

    But Pittsburgh fans are always miserable, something I have had to agree on with other NFL fans I meet in person, talk over the internet.

    It's like forum is suppose to be all in agreement, forum should be where we all have different opinions, but looks like people don't like my fair opinion on Wallace.


    I don't care what people think/care at me at all, life just moves on for me.
    this comes off kinda racist. and all i want is money money money and im not black or a "ghetto kid"...GO FIGURE!

    if you broke your leg, i think id be happy too and im pretty sure mike wallace wouldnt care either lol

    EDIT: did you really post pictures of a garden and dogs? lol ive never seen trolling so hard before

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    Surprised someone with so many posts can be so far off the mark.

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    Might be time to deep 6 this thread.

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    I see somebody left the gate open and Tim Lumber crawled back in.

    Seriously, Tim... you're not a Half-Brit.... I think the term is Half-Wit.

    Anywho... did the Baltimore trailer park finally spit you out that you had to move to London?

    "Here's an idea! Don't worry about sports and run the ****ing country!!!" - PsychoWard to Obama

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