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  • 100% I clap when he takes the field (easy 3pts)

    2 5.26%
  • 75% I watch him closely but the Steelers FO knows what their doing

    14 36.84%
  • 50% I cringe and watch with one eye only, when he takes the field

    12 31.58%
  • 25% I shake my head and cant watch every time hes in

    7 18.42%
  • 0% I bitch on SA everyday about this guy... but when he make the kick "i knew he could do it"

    3 7.89%
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Thread: Your Confidence in Suisham?

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    They kept the wrong Kicker.....Sushi makes me cringe even on extra points.....

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    Re: Your Confidence in Suisham?

    He is ok as a place kicker. I don't like his kickoffs, but they seemed to improve over last year. His accuracy inside 40 yards is good enough for me.

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    If he starts pulling kicks outside of 40 yds or worse, inside 40 yds I don't think my ulcer has a chance of not showing up this year. They seem to like the experience when it comes to kickers, rather than bring in another young guy like Kris Brown or Jeff Reed again as a new kicker they stick with vets all the time.

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    Just looked up his stats on and he has the lowest fg percentage in the league only(74.2%).In case anyone is wondering the league percentage in 2010 was 82.3 %only Josh brown has a shorter longest fg than Suisham at 49,Suisham's long is 51.Kickers that suisham has beat out for the Steelers job Swayze Waters plays for the toronto argonauts and his fg percentage for last season was 89.7 % and 100%pat and Hrapmann hit 100% in pre season

    so i wonder why the Steelers keep him there are some better kickers that don't have jobs Blair Walsh, Graham Gano,Neil Rackers,Kai ForbathRyan Longwell
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    Kinda surprised the Steelers haven't brought in Rackers, Mare or Brown for the last game. The guy isnt clutch at all. He will bite us this season at least twice.
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    The kicking game is something I hoped they'd upgrade. Suisham is a guy who I don't feel confident that can hit that 45 yarder consistently.

    As for punting, Kapinos is OK, but he has only a 45 yard average, which ranks 20th (including non-qualified players) and the team has only a 38.3 net which is 24th (as a comparison, Andy Lee has an averge/net of 50.9/44.6). This is an area where we gotta improve.

    What's intersting is that Sepulva had roughly the same average, 46.1 but the team had a better net, 40.6 when he kicked (maybe he had more hangtime or something, which gave the wings more time to get down there.) But he couldn't stay on the field.
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    Overall, he is in the bottom 25% of kickers in the league. He should have been replaced.

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    I'd like to know what is wrong with Neil Rackers?? Is he old, injured, inconsistant,??? I would think he's be a step up over suisham...
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    In my opinion they should have given Hrapmann a shot it's not like suisham would get swooped up on waivers he would be right where Colbert found him waiting on the scrap heap

    Lord if your a Steelers fan please have Marcus Gilbert roll up on suisham's legs somehow lololool
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    I liked Hrapman also. Leg was strong, he was accurate

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