I am curious, does anyone else feel that Haley was holding back? I know a full exposure of the playbook is not the norm in preseason play, but it just seemed that offensive schemes, especially in the first half, were pretty straightforward with not much variety. For example, I did not notice any slant plays, no deep balls from Ben, nor was there much use of the tight ends. These observations lead me to believe that Haley is holding some cards in his sleeves, more so than other teams in normal preseason play. Let me also add that I am aware that every OC has a unique "bag of tricks," these are not the type of plays I am referring to.

Now . . . keep in mind I did not review stats, these are just my perceptions. What do other Addicts think? Is he holding back, or is what we saw what we get for the most part?

Also, I am not complaining about the offense, I think both the first, second, and third teams did great. Brown got it on!