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Thread: Was Haley Holding Back ?

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    NFL coaches are creatures of habit, nobody ever shows their full deck when the games don't count. Especially in this case when the offense is new, they want to establish the basics of power run and efficient passes but the more exotic plays, trick plays, and overall tempo of the offense won't be seen until week 1.

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    um yes, no dobut... its just pre-season... just want to do the basics well

    dont want to show "your hand"
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    Yeah, you have to assume he is holding back as there is no prior tape of the Haley offense with the Steelers. Why show your hand in a bunch of meaningless games?

    Plus, if this was the full Haley offense and Ben was struggling to learn it, I would send Chris Farley to hit him in the back of the head with a tack hammer.

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    Well Ben wouldn't feel a thing since Farley has been dead for years lol.

    I think all of us will be surprised at how boring our offense is this year. But I think it will be a welcome surprise because moving the ball more strategically than "everybody go deep" every other play wasn't getting us 6 points often enough last year.
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    If this holds true to every other preseason I can remember off the top of my head, it means little to nothing in relation to the regular season. The last time they won the Super Bowl, I think they only lost one game that preseason, but the offense was nothing great the whole preseason. Then when they opened the season with the Texans they were stellar before they went into a mini slide. The only thing about the preseason to get torqued about is the injuries as we have seen with Johnson and DeCastro.

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