Redman's groin/hip could be problematic the entire year. He looked like the Redman we're used to seeing in the Eagles game, even if he didn't get much playing time. If he has to take an injection to deal with the pain that may be an option he'll explore but I'm really excited to see what Dwyer can do with more playing time.

This year Redman is playing the part of Mendenhall and Dwyer the part of Redman. As long at those two can stay on the field at least until Mendenhall comes back, this ground game could something reminiscent of the Bettis years. Perhaps not the 1600 yds type seasons that we used to see back in the day,but the effectiveness of said ground attack could be pretty explosive.

The big key is going to be how will they they do in the redzone. If you can't run in there then you can't run at all.

I know K train loves Dwyer, that's his Daniel Sepulveda of 2012..LOL

"I'm a downhill runner and take a lot of pounding," Redman said. "I'm not really sure how the hip is going to hold up or if it's going to hurt at all, or if I'm going to be fine. I'm just going to go day to day and see how it feels. It's pretty much a pain-tolerance thing. It might nag me throughout the year. I'm just going to have to fight through the pain."