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Thread: Adrian Robinson vs Chris Carter vs Jason Worilds

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    Quote Originally Posted by K Train View Post
    worilds is still very much young, he is just terrible
    Like you said way back.. Hes made of glass.

    Never really had a chance to prove anything much. Except he breaks easy...

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    Worilds is a much better than the folks on here give him credit for and was getting better . why do you think they want him back on the field so he was starting to impress me last year. he will be number one "if" he gets back healthy(after harrrison)

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    They want him back on the field because our OLB depth is **** and another healthy body would be good lol. Worilds has shown absolutely nothing except what he was known for in college: having a nice first step, but never finishing. The man ran himself out of so many plays it was actually funny. He gets swallowed up in the run game and whiffs on tackles. He's an athlete for sure, but he's bad.

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    I was beginning to warm to Worilds tale end of last year, looked like the light was finally turning on. But he is fragile, when/and/if he comes back, he's gonna have to wear some sort of cast so as his wrist doesn't bend a certain way apparently, that doesn't sound good to me.

    ...the only one to impress this pre-season has been Robinson, be nice to see him get some earlier playing time this week, as Carter hasn't even had a sniff of the QB as far as i've seen?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jpele View Post
    I'm betting Worlids doesn't make the 53 man roster.
    Truely a waste of a 2nd round pick. We gotta do better than this.

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    Everytime I think of the players we passed up to get Worilds, I break something...

    Look at that. Time to clean up some glass and grab another beer.

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