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Thread: Marcus Gilbert said he would like a shot at left tackle..why not give it to him? this is his FB

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    Marcus Gilbert said he would like a shot at left tackle..why not give it to him? this is his FB

    The Steelers are still looking for their starting left tackle for the 2012 season. They have a couple of options in Mike Adams, who hasnít looked good so far through two pre-season games, Max Starks, who is still not playing, but is off the PUP list recovering from an ACL injury, and Marcus Gilbert? Gilbert was the 2011 right tackle and is playing some left tackle with the first team due to the injuries on the offensive line. Gilbert has made it known that he would like to be the left tackle, but the Steelers seem ready to keep him at right tackle.

    Gilbert got the start at left tackle for the Steelers second pre-season game against the Colts. Outside of one play where he allowed pressure on Ben Roehtlisberger, Gilbert played well. On the other side of the line Ramon Foster started at right tackle. Foster also played well and the starting offensive line was able to open up some nice running lanes early for Jonathan Dwyer, who started for Issac Redman.

    The Steelers seem to be waiting for Starks to return so that he can take the left tackle job and leave Marcus Gilbert at right tackle, but what happens if Starks isnít ready to go? Remember, Starks is less than eight months removed from an ACL tear and is working to play the hardest position on the offensive line. If Starks is unable to go it seems unlikely the Steelers are ready to give the starting job to Mike Adams. Gilbert may be the answer to that question.

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    I don't see that even a healthy Max brings anything over and above what Gilbert does at LT, and with a very good display by Ramon at RT, (i've always liked Ramon), Gilbert is now dispensible at RT.

    To me starting at Denver with what we saw Sunday night is a no-brainer

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    I have not replay the game yet to watch the o-line, but from 1st glance, Gilbert at LT is a option. Adam is a solid run blocker but needs som work as a pass protector. Foster at RT is not the worst thing that could happen to this team. Maybe this will be Adam redshirt year as a LT or maybe Adams will work out fine as a RT with Gilbert holding down the LT position.

    Gilbert, Colon, Pouncey, DeCastro, Foster could work:

    with Adam, Starks, Legursky as backups, and if a guard gose down, Foster could move inside and Adam or Starks could play tackle, or Foster stays at RT and Legs move to Guard.

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    I was hoping Gilbert would stay at RT and let Max play LT for one year until Adams was ready. Then they went on this kick of playing Adams at LT out of the gate, then he gets hurt and you're flip flopping lineman again. We're in the same boat that we were last year, only this time at least the interior 3 are set and starting to work well together.

    You're never going to get any cohesion with this group if you keep mixing people around. If you're going to play Gilbert on the RT then play him there, if you want him to be a LT then put him there and leave him alone.

    I don't care what the injuries are, if Gilbert is your man on one side or the other then make it so and find somebody else to play on the left. Or vice versa, whatever just make up your mind!

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    I thought Gilbert was mediocre on the left side. Gotta hope Starks can get it going soon.

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