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Thread: Thoughts from tonight's game?

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    Thoughts from tonight's game?

    Though I haven't gone back yet and watched the young guys as closely as I will, just thought I'd throw some observations out there. What did you guys think of some of the performances tonight? Anyone stand out, for good or bad reasons?

    Jonathan Dwyer - looked good tonight. Showed quick feet and a nice burst. He was hesitant on a couple runs but overall he looked good.

    Chris Rainey - though he didn't have any big, flashy plays, he put together a solid night. He hit holes well and got some yards where there wasn't any to be had.

    Cortez Allen - looked very fluid, looking more and more like the starter opposite of Ike everyday.

    Jerrod Johnson - night and day between this week and last. Last week I thought he looked lost, was completely oblivious to pressure, and gave up on plays too easily to run. This week on the other hand, he looked poised in the pocket, went through his reads, sensed pressure and stepped up in the pocket, took command of the huddle and had the awareness to audible when needed. Showed some nice accuracy as well.

    David Gilreath - Very encouraging night. Showed good speed and a nice ability to pluck the ball out of the air and fight for extra yardage.

    David DeCastro - Another solid night from DeCastro. He was very good in the run game and, though he wasn't perfect in pass protection, I think he improved from last week. Very encouraging.

    Mike Adams - Another up and down game for him. Again, very good in the run game but struggled with pass protection. The encouraging aspect was that his mistakes were mental, rookie mistakes (ie, giving the rusher the inside instead of forcing him out). As long as he stays healthy, I think you'll see a steady improvement out of him over the rest of the preseason while he gets the mental aspect of the game down.

    Baron Batch - After watching him the last couple games, I've been unimpressed. He doesn't have great vision and he seems indecisive.

    Jason Ford - Not a bad showing after practicing for the first time on Friday. Hes obviously got average speed at best and he's not going to make anyone miss lol, but he's got a decent burst for a big man, some nice balance, and seems to be able to lower his head a pick up a couple extra yards. Might be worth a spot on the Practice Squad.

    Ike Taylor - He caught it!
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