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Thread: Max Starks vs Mike Adams, who wins the battle at Left Tackle?

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    his problem isnt speed rushers, if he plays anywhere near his ability that will be his strength. I dont know where people pull that from, he had a bad first game. He has dominated some pretty great NFL talent in college, hes a work in progress

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    People are acting like he was straight up embarrassed on each play. He got "beat" really once. The other times he had the block initially, but he just didn't realize he needed hold I longer with Ben at QB. He'll figure it out. I'm not worried.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tburg68 View Post
    I don't know who will start the season at LT, but my money is on Adams to finish it.
    I agree.

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    I am a Michigan fan, and I had the displeasure of watching Adams beat the crap out of the Wolverines D Ends. He is an elite Pro Bowl talent that exels is space. Movement and footwork are his strength. He will be performing at high levels by mid season at the latest.

    I love Max Starks, but he's no Joe Thomas.

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