phillips wasnt on the roster last year

and i want AT LEAST a second rounder for an offensive lineman that huge and that strong, the potential is all there for a 1st round compensation if he wasnt such a teddy bear. I dont think oline is that big of a need anymore seeing how much talent we have there already,

LT- Smith, Essex
LG- Faneca, Phillips
C- Okobi, Phillips
RG- Simmons, Keomatu
RT- Starks, Colon

Most of these guys are interchangable between all the postitions and if hartings comes back, theres more depth.

we all know cowher holds on to player because he cant let go, the players knew this and now they have to work extra hard, especially on the line because the only spot that is absolutly cemented is gonna be faneca, a new coach means these guys have something to prove and i hope the motivation helps us out as a whole, but OL and DB are gonna be some good battles this training camp.