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Id roll with Dwyer over redman every single time, to me its clear hes the superior back. If dwyer doesnt get touches because redman is slightly more experienced im gonna be really annoyed. Mendenhall blows them both away talent wise, but when dealing with misfits and backups you have to take the higher upside back eventually

also, peter king is an idiot. i would kill for his job though
Hi K Train.

Although I disagree that Dwyer is "clearly" the superior back (based on what?), I think we can both take comfort in the knowledge that both backs will get plenty of touches as long as Mendy is out. One guy running 30 times per game is just not done much anymore. They will settle it on an NFL field, playing behind an NFL line and running against an NFL defense instead of vanilla defenses played by people whose ultimate destination will be a practice squad.