So SI's Peter Kind apparently has an issue with how the Steelers rookies played in their first preseason game ever. I'm normally pretty agreeable to things that King writes about, usually, but why even bother bringing this up? Does anybody think a rookie isn't going to struggle in their first game ever? Eh well, it's the media so what else is new but figured some of us would get a kick out of it.

5. The Steelers, despite using their first two picks on a needy offensive line, still have major problems there. Steady, fairly invisible night for first-round Stanford guard David DeCastro, playing on the right side. Not so for second-rounder Mike Adams. Philadelphia didn't play either of its top defensive ends -- Trent Cole or Jason Babin -- Thursday night. But the left tackle Adams, from Ohio State, played 17 snaps over 13 minutes, and allowed either 1.5 sacks or 2.5, depending on if you'd dock him for a sack when Ben Roethlisberger stepped up into trouble in the pocket. So he was involved in three sacks, two of which ended in strip-sacks of the quarterback.

Now, Philadelphia might have the best defensive line depth in the NFL, but still, perpetrators Phillip Hunt and Darryl Tapp are not starting players. This was not the start the Steelers needed to see for the line. I have three words for Roethlisberger, who thought -- incorrectly, apparently -- that with the draft concentration on the line he wouldn't have many more nights under siege: Duck, Ben, duck.

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