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Thread: Steelers are finally on the right track with the O-Line

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    Steelers are finally on the right track with the O-Line

    For years now one of the knocks on the Steelers has been the O-Line and it's inability to protect Big Ben or provide any daylight for Mendenhall and co.Thursday night was no exception.Granted it was only Adams & DeCastro's first taste of the NFL .So mistakes and growing pains were expected .Despite the struggles Thursday night there were many positives for both rookies. The men on the Steelers O-Line will gel and become a source of pride for years to come. Hopefully Adams won't miss so much time that it sets him back if so we have Ol Faithful Max Starks to turn too to bail them out again.

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    Gilbert needs to step up, he was bad the other night.
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    Give 'em a chance to gell.

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    Max Starks better get healthy quick.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ChucktownSteeler View Post
    Give 'em a chance to gell.
    That's the key! once they gel they will be a force to reckon with, i like what i saw Thurs night, quick timing patterns and the run game is gonna be strong to i wish mendy was healthy i would like to see him behind this new line, Cortez Allen will be starting across Ike by week 6, and our special teams have to do much better but over all i'm pleased and excited and can't wait till Sep 9th...

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    Yeah...Gilbert has to step it up but we know he can. We know he will. I think the O-line will be where we want it to be in a few weeks.
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    Fun fact: PFF had Gilbert as the 13th best rated tackle in the NFL last season in terms of pass blocking efficiency. Number 1
    among rookies.

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    On paper this group just looks like they can be unstoppable. I'm not real worried about DeCastro being a rookie. He'll be beside Pouncey which will help. If and when Adams comes back he's going to have troubles and Ben is going to have to have his head on a swivel. The mistakes he made on Thursday were typical rookie errors that can be learned from but if he does miss a full 2 weeks or longer, I don't think they start him in week 1.

    It's already starting again, my nightmare with this team every year, musical chairs on the offensive line.

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