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Thread: The Replacements, officials that is, weren't half bad in week 1

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    Question The Replacements, officials that is, weren't half bad in week 1

    Watching the game last night, I didn't notice any seriously glaring calls that they missed or otherwise goofed up. I'm sure there's going to be growing pains with them once the season starts but for now they weren't half bad.

    When the Eagles defender launched himself and decleated Leftwich, that was a glaring personal foul no question. Even the moronic Eagles fans that booed right away quieted down after they saw the replay.

    FWIW, I did notice that after Tomlin's review in the first half I believe, that they didn't say "after further review", they just said the ruling on the field stands

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    Weren't half bad ??????? Dude they were awful to say the least. They didnt have a clue what was going on.. for the most part they kept their flags in their pockets which was good..but their reasoning was not.....its beacause they dint have a freaking clue!!
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    I couldn't get over the way he kept saying "Down One" or "Replay Down One" I just kept screaming it's first down you morons not down one.
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    They missed Adam's hold and Beachum's block in the back on the Rainey td.

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    The entire helmet rule was ignored. I did not know about it, but I ain't paid to. It happened at least three times. When a player loses their helmet on a legal hit/play, they must leave the game for at least one down. I would think after the first two times the phone would have rang.

    That reminds me, are we going to see that old swanky smarmy talking head official rep who explains away every obvious referee screw up just like a government official would? I am not prone to violence, but every time I see him I want to toe kick him between the eyes.

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