So I am watching the game last night, enjoying the initial looks that we're getting of this new offense that Todd Haley installed. I'm pretty excited with the short passing, power running, and quick release of Big Ben. I was equally excited to see the run blocking, although still raw, starting to show some things to be impressed about.

Then, the flashback came. Steelers are inside the 10 after that Al Woods interception and on 3rd down they do an end around to Chris Rainey that lost 9 yds. Then late in the game on that final drive when Baron Batch was running well, they got to the 20 and stalled out. Haley called a couple slow developing run plays that lost yardage and forced them back.

I get that the personnel on the field were backups at the time so I take that into consideration but holy crap, Arians flashbacks are not good! I immediately reached for my bottle, curled up in the fetal position and began to shake uncontrollably!