He played the entire second half against the Eagles, and while the 3rd quarter was rough and I mean rough for the whole offense, late in the game he did put together a rally to drive them down to the 20 before things got bogged down. He finished the game 3-6, 93 yds 1 TD. The bulk of that came on the 57 yd pass to Chris Rainey and the final drive did feature some nice running by Baron Batch but still, I think she showed a little bit of something in the process.

He obviously has things to work on, like feeling the pressure, reading the defense, etc. but he can scramble though too, something the other backups can't do at all. He had 3 rushes for 26 yds.

I'm not ready to say that he's going to overtake either Lefty or Charlie at this point but it's nice to see a young guy getting significant work.