Why is everyone on the Baltimore banwagon? The national media says Balitomore is the class of the AFC North or the Bungles as the up and coming team: I sure that in most national media mind, they remember that beating the Steelers took on the opener last year from the ratbirds. But did they see the rest of the season. Both Pittsburgh and Baltimore finished with the same 12-4 recond. The Steelers were a broken foot away from winning the division last year.

The Steelers (apperantly) has upgrade the weakest part of their team, the O-Line, got younger on the oldest part of the team, the D-line, and has didn't have the two most important parts of the LB core together and healthy for most of the season, and STILL finished No #1 in pass and total defense last year.

Do the national media relized that R.Lewis and E Reed are as old as any player on the Steelers defense. Do the relized that you can't just take a defense player of the year off a defense without losing more than production. I guest they forgotten that Johnson the other OLB is also gone from that defense and their over weight LT might not play for them this year. Their Pro-Bowl RG is a Saint, and their center is a old as dirt.

Yes... the ratbird did win the two games last year...too their credit...but how many of us think that going to happen again.

DID any of the national media notice that the Bungles were sweap but the boys in PGH and Balt. but they are suppost to leap over BOTH teams. Dalton and Green may turn out to be something speacial....or it could turn out to be Anderson and Edwards. one good year and then nothing.