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Call me crazy but I'd rather have 5 rbs, 4 wrs and 3 tes, here me out: I'd carry Mende, Dwyer, Redman, Batch and Rainey. Mendenhall will be coming off of injury so we may be down to 4 for the first 6 weeks if they put him on the PUP list. IMO you have 2 legitimate 5th WR options in Heath and Rainey and maybe a third when Saunders returns. I would leave a roster spot for a 5th WR like Clemons if it cost me losing batch or Rainey! Plus I don't think your in any danger of losing Clemons by putting him on the PS. Rainey or Batch would leave on waivers before they even hit our PS. So my answer is Chris Rainey
I'm with ya on the 3 TE's, and I'm cool with the 5 RB's. You can put Clay on the PS too if you want any more insurance. 4 WR's though, the only thing about that is how much they actually will use the TE's. If it's like a 5th WR and they get more than just a couple looks here and there per game then it's not a bad idea. If you say with the traditional use of them then 5 WR's is better. It's not that far fetched of an idea at all. You'd certainly keep a couple guys on the PS too in case of injury.