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Thread: Sirius' Adam Schein says Steelers are a 3rd place AFC North team

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    Guess if we're going to finish third in our division I may as well toss out the TV. Sounds like Adam could use some toilet paper to wipe his mouth ,talking like an ***.
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    I love the pre-season prognostication. Steers "D" was too old last year. That tune changed after the first few weeks. The "O" is doomed this year because Haley and Ben won't get along, plus a few other well known reasons. I would be more worried if we were predicted to take it all.

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    >>> Troy Polamalu is older.

    I guess Ed Reed and Ray Lewis don't age, huh?

    >>> Baltimore has a more imposing defense (even with the Terrell Suggs injury) and a better running attack than its arch rival in Pittsburgh.

    I guess the loss of their best defensive player means nothing. Don't dismiss the loss of Suggs. It's huge.

    >>> Furthermore, Rashard Mendenhall is hurt. Do you trust Isaac Redman and Jonathan Dwyer? I loved the draft picks of OG David DeCastro and OT Mike Adams, but can you bank on two rookie linemen?

    Mendenhall was much maligned anyway. I trust Redman and Dwyer behind that OL. Can you bank on them. Yes, I think you can, more so than you can bank on a rookie safety (just look at the last 2 rookies on the line, Pouncey and Gilbert, and both were pretty good.)

    >>> What do you think the NFL Network cameras will capture on Thursday, Oct. 11, when Big Ben gets to the sideline after holding onto the ball too long against the Tennessee Titans?

    I'm thinking that Ben will get the kick in the *** he needs and learn to dump the ball off a bit earlier and take the incomplete instead of the sack.

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    For the sake of career longevity and scoring consistency, Ben's game has to be modified. I just hope that he realizes that, and doesn't view it as something being forced upon him. Not overly concerned about Wallace. The deep ball was over-used by Arians whenever the offense stalled (and under his direction it stalled a lot). Brown & Sanders are more suited to the type of offense I sense that Haley is trying to install. If the O-line is solid, it doesn't matter too much who takes the hand-off. Defense under Lebeau will be solid; yes, there may be some drop-off. But if the offense can generate points more consistently, it shouldn't matter that much.
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    Just not a 3rd place team. Not with this qb and not with this line play (i'm speculating, but I think the improvements to both sides of the ball on the line of scrimmage prove beneficial). Beneficial in red zone efficiency for the offense and "prove yourself again" attitude for the d-line.
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    Ed reed has retirement on his mind half the time. Ray Lewis can't cover a turtle in pass coverage, they lost key offensive linemen, and there pass rush is highly suspect now with no Suggs. But we've got issues????
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    Quote Originally Posted by Real Deal Steel View Post
    Ed reed has retirement on his mind half the time. Ray Lewis can't cover a turtle in pass coverage, they lost key offensive linemen, and there pass rush is highly suspect now with no Suggs. But we've got issues????
    People ignore those issues, but then come back and say the Steelers are a really old team (forgetting the fact that we lost quite a bit of age this last off season.)

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    Look at it this way - he will be surprised. They will finish first, or last! Either way the guy will be surprised!

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    Okay Adam
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    Schein is a Raven lover and has always been in their corner or anyone who plays the Steelers. He's more than happy to brush off other teams injuries and changes. Gannon rides his jock most of the time too but at least he's got experience in the league behind him.

    When the coaches have faith in Flacco when the game is on the line consistently and they figure how to use Rice, then maybe his opinion will be worth slightly more than cow dung.

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