He says he's the scapegoat for the Jets failure last year..

"It was playoffs on the line and your best receiver doesn't get but two passes thrown his way in 60 minutes of football," Holmes said (as transcribed by the
New York Daily News' Manish Mehta). "That's just hard to understand when you want everything just as bad as everybody else does and it just doesn't happen. And nobody has the answers for it. … But the scapegoat is answer. And that's what happened."

Holmes did admit earlier in the interview that he was at the heart of the problem because of his knack for speaking frankly about the team's struggles during the season, adding that he needs to "(learn) how to hold my tongue and be more critical of myself instead of others."


and about his Super Bowl catch being the best ever..

In terms of great catches, Swann's is among the top three. From a "degree of difficulty" standpoint, however, Swann faces stiff competition from New York Giants receiver David Tyree's "Catch-42" in Super Bowl XLII, and Steelers receiverSantonio Holmes' toe-tapping, game-winning grab the following season in Super Bowl XLIII.In an interview with WRKS-FM on Monday, Holmes said his catch was the better of the two."Hands down, Number 10," Holmes said via the New York Post. "Ten toes in the end zone...He (Tyree) made a play that happened to be the play he was supposed to make but it did not win that game for them."