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Thread: Santino Holmes at it again..."I'm a catch was the greatest ever"

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    They were both great catches. Holmes' toe tapping was fantastic, but Tyree's catch, in the context of the game was phenomenal as well and was made in a legendary SB game (against a 18-0 team) and set the team up to win. It's hard for me to pick one over the other.

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    lol I love this board..Ben's throw was awesome(best ever in SB history given the placement given the timing) and it was what was needed to win the game..arm chair guys are questioning it now??? I believe that if Holmes was on the team vs GB we win that SB also.. as person he is a a receiver he is awesome and he is right about the do you not throw the ball to BTW I think Holmes should have caught the one before also...but how exciting would that have been..

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