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Thread: Santino Holmes at it again..."I'm a catch was the greatest ever"

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    Holmes is right about the catch. Best catch ever made in the Super Bowl.
    The Steeler the only way.

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    Yes his catch was the best of the 3 simple because it won the game. But Swann's was a thing of beauty.

    He's totally wrong with this statement.
    he was at the heart of the problem because of his knack for speaking frankly about the team's struggles during the season, adding that he needs to "(learn) how to hold my tongue and be more critical of myself instead of others."
    It has nothing to do with speaking frankly, it has everything to do with learning how to be part of a team, instead of a me me me guy. But that fits right in with their coach.
    "When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself."
    -Wayne Dyer

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    Take another toke 'Tone and get your *** drummed out of the league.

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    Quote Originally Posted by K Train View Post
    ben threw it up into triple coverage with the game on the line, the catch was perfect though. not saying it was a bad throw but it was definitely a questionable decision to throw that ball....but holmes came up big after letting one get away from him on the previous play. thats probably the hardest catch you could possibly make in football
    But Ben did put it were only Holmes could get it....Ben trusted Holmes no doubt to make plays for him......They had such great chemistry with each other.......

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    The decision to throw that ball may have been questionable, but the throw itself was absolutely f*cking beautiful... Made better with an absolutely f*cking beautiful catch.

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    Holmes talent missed more than I have time to type about it but his T.O. attitude NEVER, everyone knows it how freakin stupid your team can be deal with it and move on when you have a chance.
    "Without ME, it's just AWESO"
    "To all the virgins, thanks for nothing"

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    Yeah it was a great catch with the emphasis on WAS it's history they probably don't talk about Holmes as much in a jets forum last time i checked this was steeler talk who cares about him now the jets suck and always will rex was tryin to say his teams have had the best defense over the last decade than anyone even if that's true they don't give lombardi's to the best defense

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    You can also point out that had Ben been able to connect with Holmes on the previous easier play, we wouldn't be talking about the circus catch that Santonio came down with. That's what super bowl's are all about though right? The drama with the game on the line. I think it was one of the greatest catches ever in SB history and I'd be hard pressed to argue against it being the very best.

    When he was here though, man that slant pattern was money every single time. I miss that.

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    No argument it was a good catch, but a good catch doesn't make a career. You have to not be an idiot.."wake n bake" Holmes. Sucks to suck.

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    He should have made the catch before.

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