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Thread: Dink & Dunk offense is not a bad thing in Pittsburgh

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    Lightbulb Dink & Dunk offense is not a bad thing in Pittsburgh

    I've been hearing a lot lately from Steeler fans that they don't want a dink and dunk offense. Hell even some of the local Steelers media aren't exactly all for it if you watch some of them on twitter.

    My question is, why the hell not? Who cares if you don't go deep 10 times a game? What's wrong with high percentage 10 yd passes or dump offs to running backs in the flat? It works for the Patriots right, so why can't it work in Pittsburgh? I hate to compare the two but it's true.

    This isn't Arians' offense where he wants to go deep atleast "x" number of times per half no matter what the outcome? Plus who knows when Wallace will be back, and even if he does return it's going to take time to get timing down on deep routes. I watched a video the other day of some of the players talking the offense and how explosive it can be but also how different it is from play calling and situations than before. Haley talked about using quick drops and short passes to keep the game moving and keep Ben in high percentage situations.

    From what I've heard so far, Haley loves the short passing game, quick release from Roethlisberger, and good use of the running back for more than just situational circumstances. The offensive line is getting back to a nasty mentality, which I love, and that alone will help the run game. Plus if Ben does more of the quick release, short passes he'll stay off the turf and hopefully make it through the whole year.

    I can see this team marching down the field eating up clock along the way with high percentage throws to multiple targets and a solid ground attack that can't be stopped. At least that's how I envision it but if it turns out that way, who knows.

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    I like dink and dunk and it's worked for us before.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LatrobePA View Post
    I like dink and dunk and it's worked for us before.
    I can even remember the last time we used this type of offensive strategy. Please enlighten me.

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    With our current roster I could see this kind of offense being lethal. All our WRs can do serious damage with the ball in their hands, and our RBs appear to have the same kind of skill-set. I would rather not have them take away the deep plays, especially if Wallace gets back. Its just too good of a weapon to throw away.
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    The dink and dunk will open up the long plays by bringing the defense up to the line. Thus allowing the receivers to get by them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Big Z View Post
    The dink and dunk will open up the long plays by bringing the defense up to the line. Thus allowing the receivers to get by them.
    Great point, i like the dink and dunk pass game, it worked well against the cheaters and kept there defense off guard,so i'm all for it, plus we have to utilize ALL the weapons we have on offense, if we stay healthy i'm telling u all now we will witness something special this year ending with a victory in FEB in New Orleans!

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    I for whatever system brings us #7 and keeps Ben healthy.


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    Quick passes (dink and dunk) and running the ball is what I want to see. With enough deep passes to keep the defense honest. That's all we need. Oh....and scoring TD's in the red zone too.
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    No problems with dunk and dunk here
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    Dont take this the wrong way, look how effective it has been for the Pats for the past 7 years. We have the type of receivers and yes athletic Miller as te to do these type plays.

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