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Thread: Where's Wallace At?!?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mos07 View Post
    Who cares? What is his trade value? We traded Santonio Holmes for a fifth rounder and ended up with Antonio Brown with that pick. Thanks for the memories, Mike. I cannot image you will be around at the first preseason game. Good luck in your new surroundings. Nate Washington has had a hell of a career with the Titans............

    ps - If you get your head on straight and accept a reasonable deal. welcome back.
    Nate Washington and Yancey Thigpen.

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    Listen: Wallace should have done his history study BEFORE making this move: Hines Ward was a three time Pro-Bowler, held most if not ALL of the Steelers receiving records, and was beloved in the Burgh above anyone other player since the 70's teams, and HE HAD TO REPORT after a hold-out to receive his money: The let 2 first round pick (WR) go and one was the MVP of their last Super Bowl.

    How does that old saying go "those who don't remember thier history, is bound to repete it" It was nice too have ya, but this was one dumb move. The orginization said they wanted you, you indicated that you wanted to be here, sign for 2.7 mil and talk it out. did you not see what the Steelers did with Woodley and Timmons, just last year. Understand who (what team) you are dealing with.

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