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Thread: So many possibilities at Guard for the Steelers this year

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    Quote Originally Posted by coldrolled View Post
    Dont Forget Ryan Lee - Look at his stats compared to DD.. He has to give our other OG's a run for the money...

    Name: Ryan Lee - #41 0f 188
    College: Furman Number: 75
    Height: 6-3 Weight: 310
    Position: OG Pos2: C
    Class/Draft Year: Sr/2012
    40 Time: 5.05 40 Low: 4.96 40 High: 5.14
    Bench Press 225 - 40


    Name: *David DeCastro #1 of 188
    College: Stanford Number: 52
    Height: 6-5 Weight: 316
    Position: OG Pos2: C
    Class/Draft Year: rJr/2012
    40 Time: 5.43 40 Low: 5.20 40 High: 5.55
    Bench Press 225 - ??
    I'm not gonna lie and pretend that I know a lot about Ryan Lee, but comparing measurables is pretty useless, especially when comparing the best guard prospect in years (and as close to a cant miss prospect as you can get) to an undrafted free agent. I'm not saying the man can't pull a James Harrison or an Antonio Gates but I get a little annoyed when Ryan Lee comes up because I've seen so many Steelers fans (on these and other boards) talking him up like he's the second coming of Faneca.

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    Right i get it, but who was ramon foster and Legs..????

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    people get dazzled with the workour numbers for guards but its probably the position those numbers are the most useless. Ramon Foster was a nobody and still is, and i thought legs was a solid backup center coming out of marshall...and he is. Neither guy was a huge surprise, but arent starting quality players and i doubt lee is.

    david decastro would smite you for that comparison

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    You never know. I believe decastro is a pro-bowler for years to come, but Ryan Lee would not be the first nor the last surprise. Its a win-win situation either way. If he is better than either of our guards we got really lucky with him. If not, we did not really invest a whole lot in him. Works out perfect either way.

    He is likely a very solid backup if he can get his foot inside the organisation.
    However much you think you know about football, rest assured that Skip Bayless knows more!

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    Im just stating that Lee could blow out ramon and legs... he was not the #1 rated guard DD is.. He is a number #41 guard...

    Im just looking for a change with legs and ramon... lee is my pick...

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