Not tough enough. The other Rats should also be in the slammer with Sandusky. The University should have been kicked, "DEATH PENALTY", from the NCAA for 5 years and then seek admission and acceptance from what ever division would have them, if any. The institution was so bankrupt of a moral compass that it should never rise again as a football entity. I was no minor fan of this team and to see and learn what was going on for so long in centre county Pennsylvania and see that some or all but a tiny handful of the complicit rats will walk from all responsibility in this situation is enough for me to start looking elsewhere for college football thrills. By that I mean serious I need to examine my own devotion to the sport of football.

Oh yeah, the NCAA is a complete joke. They knew and waited long to act. It is all about the money. Always about the money. Don't ever forget that.

And by the by, I don't think for a moment that other universities out there are lily white in their administration of football programs. Academically speaking, that portion of a college athlete is a total fn joke. It is nothing more than a free degree. No work involved. You and I could never receive such a gift.

Peace Out