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    Arrests broke out and spread across the league this off season like the plague.The charges range from disorderly conduct to 1st degree assault with a deadly weapon with the majority falling in the middle at possession and DUI. The biggest question is how will Goodell handle this pile of violations on his desk? After all Big Ben was given a 4 game suspension for being accused of rape (not charged or convicted) so clearly these players shouldn't be treated any differently than Ben was and he wasn't guilty. But something tells me not all will face suspension.Weather it's a 1st offense or not if he is gonna punish ben for being acccused then they should face at least a small suspension or fine or both
    1 Nick Fairley DET possession DUI
    2 Kenny Britt Tenn DUI
    3 R.Quinn Rams DUI
    4D. Bryant Dallas Assault 2nd
    5 M. lynch Sea DUI
    6 E. Dumervil Den assault /w deadly weapon 1st
    7 A.Petersen Minn DUI
    8 Kiante Tripp Cle Burglary
    9 Eric Wright TB DUI
    10 Deion Lewis PHL reckless endangerment falsely reporting a fire
    11 Aaron Berry Det DUI
    12 M.Wilkerson NYJ Reckless driving engauging in pursuit
    13 D. Diehl nyg DUI
    14 J. Blackmon JAX DUI
    15 J. Felton Det/MINN DUI (CRASHED INTO A McDonalds drivethru)
    16 C. King Minn Assault 1st/attempted murder
    17 A. Dennard NE Assault 1st (a cop)
    18 B Merriweather Wash DUI
    19 D Heyward-Bey Oak DUI
    20 Koa Misi Mia Battery /w serious injury
    21 S. Satele Oak Disorderly conduct
    22 J King Sea 1st degree rape and 3rd degree criminal conduct
    23 M Leshoure Det possession (Twice in a month)
    24 L. Hill Sea possession
    25 N. Collins Jax simple possession
    26 J.T Thomas Chi Simple possession
    27 R Malaluga Cin 6th degree Assault
    28 R Mc Donald SF DUI
    29 K Moreno Den DUI
    30 A. Smith SF DUI
    31 J Culbreath Det simple possession
    32 J Simpson Cin 1 count drug trafficking 2.5 lbs of Marijuana
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