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Thread: Heinz Field Club Seats

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    Heinz Field Club Seats

    Thinking about buying some club seats for a game in Pittsburgh this year. Can anyone offer some insight on the different club seats at Heinz? I've never sat there before and I was just wondering your opinion on them

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    Don't do it. I got free club seats one year from my uncle's friend's neighbor, and it wasn't a good time. Everyone there are still fans, obviously, but you don't get the same kind of experience that you get sitting out in the snow and the rain and the 30 degree weather. Not worth the price IMO.

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    I honestly don't care for them too much. The free food and drinks are nice that's for sure but you don't get the real Steelers experience unless you're out in the crowd. Plus the really good ones are already taken (middle of the field area), the majority of the ones you can rent for a game or buy for a season are closer to the ends where the view isn't as good for half the field.

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