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Thread: Steelers are the 21st most valuable sports franchise

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    Steelers are the 21st most valuable sports franchise

    JThe Steelers are the world’s 21st most valuable pro sports franchise with an estimated worth of $1.02 billion, according to Forbes Magazine’s annual survey. They are up two spots from last year, when their $996 million value ranked them behind AFC North rivals Baltimore and Cleveland.

    The Steelers still trail the Ravens, who are 18th with a value of $1.09 billion, but they have moved ahead of the 30th-ranked Browns ($977 million).

    Partly because of market size, the Steelers are 12th among NFL franchises, which dominate the list in part because of the league’s 2011 labor agreement and huge TV contracts. The Dallas Cowboys are top-ranked among NFL teams and No. 4 overall, trailing soccer giants Manchester United and Real Madrid, plus the New York Yankees.

    Other NFL teams with a higher estimated value than the Steelers are the No. 5 Redskins, No. 7 Patriots, No. 9 Giants, No. 12 Jets, No. 13 Texans, No. 14 Eagles, No. 16 Bears, No. 17 Packers and No. 19 Colts.

    The only Major League Baseball teams in the top 25 are the Yankees, No. 6 Dodgers and No. 24 Red Sox. There are no NHL teams in the top 25.

    From the the Pittsburgh Trib

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