Brown said that he wants to keep on returning punts this season, even though the Steelers have said that Emmanuel Sanders will likely be the main guy for that job now. Chris Rainey could also figure into the return game too if he makes the team. Do you still want to do punt returns? Brown: I definitely want to do punt returns. I want to get another record to match my receiving and return numbers.

If you still return punts this year, do you worry at all about injuries or anything with an increased role in the offense? Brown: Not at all. Last year I played three positions and gave them all my best. You canít worry about injuries. You have to go out, do your assignment and play for your team.

Do you want him back there returning kicks still even though he'll be a full time starter now? Randle El did it for years, Cowher played starters on special teams fairly regularly, especially when they needed a big play. I personally don't mind him doing that double duty, he gives a big spark to the return game but if he gets hurt doing it the offense could suffer.

- From BRC's Droid Bionic of Coolness