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    Logo Request

    Hey SF, hope you don't mind me posting this here, but I'm trying to get all the options I can.

    I don't know if anyone knows or remembers, but I'm a wrestler. My fed needs a brand new logo to go along with our 'rebirth' of sorts. The person who made our last logo doesn't wrestle with us anymore. So, we want to stray away from the aspects with him.

    We need something aggressive and something people will remember as soon as they see it. The initials of the fed are EoW, or eVolution of Wrestling for long.

    Anyone that can make this for me, it would be GREATLY appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

    This was our last logo. Hope it helps any. Just something aggressive really. Something that would seem to go with a wrestling company. It doesn't have to be like the main feds' logos, just something original.

    We are just moving back really quickly and I would really appreciate if someone could hook up something for me please.

    Thanks again, it is MUCH appreciated!

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    Not a problem with posting this WB. I hope someone can make you a good one. If I get some time I will take a shot at it.

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    Thanks SF!

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