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Thread: K Train's random offseason thoughts

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    Quote Originally Posted by K Train View Post
    honestly id like to see casey cut/traded/IRd whatever. I dont think hes going to be able to hold up for the year
    I said that when they cut Hines, Potsy and Smith! I'm glad they got him at a discount but unless he comes back 100% that money could be used to resign out young wideouts!

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    Casey will make the final roster and they will probably put him on the PUP list. He says though that he'll be ready for opening weekend.

    They have carried 3 NT's last year and I'm sure they like the security of Hampton among such young players.

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    K Train you take a lot of crap and your own doing cause you are out spoken. I may disagree with you at times but great read. Thanks man! Well thought out!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cmerrifield View Post
    The rumor was Hampton was guaranteed a roster spot when he took his paycut.

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    THAT'Sall it was was a rumor the fo isn't going to garuntee a roster spot to anyone that kinda defeats the purpose of coaching.As far as Ta'amu vs Mclendon Ta'amu is used to 345 probably been that weight for 5 or10 years McLendon puts on over 45 lbs he won't be used to moving around at that weight there is an art to it and Ta'amu is an artist at clogging the middle. Ta'Amu wins.Cortez Allen beats out Keenan Lewis and Lewis replaces Mundy at safety.Wallace holds out all season and
    ruins his career.Who cares Saunders will be the 2nd TE when his suspension is up Pope has done nothing in his career.Make Jarrod Johnson into wide reciever 6'5" 215 not the fastest but neither was Hines(i'm not comparing him to Hines so hold it right there)

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    Cap wise they wouldn't gain much by cutting Hampton. Barring further injury or set-back he makes the roster and starts the season on the PUP list.


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    Quote Originally Posted by BlitzburghRockCity View Post
    As much as I want Ta'amu in the lineup for the next 10 years I don't think he's going to make it as the starter this season.
    For me, it's not so important that he's the starter than he gets 15ish reps per game this year. I'd be happy with that.

    Heyward is in a tough spot; he's not going to start as long as Keisel is around and Bret probably has a good 3-4 years left in him at this rate. Cam will get reps in the rotation but he's going to be stuck unless Keisel gets injured.
    Keisel has been injured a lot the last few years. And if Cam can demonstrate his ability, that makes 3 good linemen, and perhaps a tade chip.

    Hood needs to step up big time, he's the man now, no excuses just get out there and get it done.
    Hood has been one of the guys that I've been "meh" on. I agree he needs to step up, but then again, he was pretty decent last year.

    Foote wins that starting job by default of being the veteran and having done it for so long. Sly is in a tough spot right now because he's not going to start out of the gate and while he'll get some playing time in a rotation it won't be like the defensive line is.
    Foote starts because Sly ain't the guy. He's at beat a back up to take reps on the scout team.

    This is also a big year for Worilds. We need to know if he can play or if he's a bust (y'all know what I feel about him already.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by K Train View Post
    a quick mock draft for next season:

    1. TJ Mcdonald, FS USCong
    2. Chase Thomas, OLB Stanford
    3. Dennard Robinson, WR/KR Michigan
    4. EJ Manuel, QB FSU
    5. Cierre Wood, RB Notre Dame
    6. Partick Larrimore, MLB UCLA
    7. Dustin Hopkins, K FSU
    Obviously, this will depend on what happens during the year and what injuries we sustain. However, I do think we need another safety, another OLB as well as more depth for the OL and another WR. Most of all, we need another playmaker on the D.

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