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You think it's just a coincidence that teams like the Steelers and Patriots with huge fan bases do so well year after year but teams like the Panthers and the Jags with no fan base at all do terribly year after year? There has to be some correlation there.
the panthers and jags are expansion teams, the panthers have appeared in a superbowl and the jags have been a playoff team. thats pretty damn good for a young franchise, the texans had their growing pains too. Jacksonville was a terrible place to put an NFL team, that doesnt stop them from competing though that stops them from selling tickets

the steelers have bee great for the last ten years but there was an awful lot of mediocrity bewteen the early 80s and the early 2000s

the browns and lions are historically horrid teams, but they have a TON of fans, whats the correlation there?

im pretty sure the redskins are the most valuable NFL team, maybe second to the cowboys but what has that gotten them?

also id say the only "huge" fanbases are the steelers and cowboys, a case could be made for the giants and niners too, NE had such poor fans before the 2000s and thats with them being an entire region, not just a city or a state