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Thread: Is there really parity in the NFL?

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    Question Is there really parity in the NFL?

    Listening to the Sirius this morning and the topic was, is there really parity in the NFL today? Got me thinking a bit, which is not something easily accomplished in the morning that's for sure.

    Seems to be the catch phrase that every NFL analyst loves to throw around and probably what makes Roger Goodell sleep well at night, parody in the league. The handful of upper echelon teams is not overwhelming to the point that nobody has a chance. There is no decidely better conference year in and year out. Every team has play makers capable of taking over a game.

    Or is there?

    From an AFC perspective in the last 10 years there have been really 3 teams that have represented the conference in the Super Bowl; Steelers, Patriots, and the Colts. The Ravens won it in 2000 and have been in contention since, the Jets here and there, and the Chargers always find some way to fail. Every year though aren't we always talking about the same teams in the playoffs? Throw in a wildcard here and there like Bengals last year but when it comes right down to it the same teams are always in the mix come the post season.

    I can see the argument from an NFC perspective, other than the Packers and Giants, it's been a mix of all sorts of teams making the playoffs each year and eventually the Super Bowl. The Eagles, Saints, Cardinals, Seattle, Chicago have all been there recently.
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