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Thread: The worst Steelers player ever?

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    I would say Justin Hartwig is high up there... even though without him we wouldn't have had the incredible ending to Super Bowl 43 ;P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raleigh Steel View Post
    harvey clayton

    huey richardson

    jermaine stephens

    brent alexander

    donald evans

    kent graham

    jim miller
    Jim Miller had one decent season for the Bears. At least fantasy wise and had him as my QB and he hooked up a lot with Marcus Robinson that year.

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    sorry but alot more players were worse than evans or alexander... cb colcough sucked badly!!!
    j stephens was totally worse
    also richardson was a BUST!!!!
    how about Pitt's other 1st rd pick the same year they picked t worley....T/G tom Ricketts from PITT BUST BUST BUST!!!!!
    Oakland, Where Careers Go To Die!!!!!

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    Hughey Richardson and Aaron Jones ... because our identity when they played was our defense, and both were 1st round picks that wasted the chance to build on that great legacy ...
    It's hip to T-Squared ...

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    Limas Sweed 2nd round pick 6'5" 220 couldn't catch a cold in the nfl

    Bruce Davis

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    Huey Richardson.

    Tailgating in the 'burgh

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    I wouldn't put Jim MIller on the list...he went on to have some success and he wasn't terrible with the Steelers.

    HATED Mark Malone. Jamain Stephens, Huey Richardson, Daryl Sims, Sean Mahan, Alonzo Jackson, Kent Graham. More recently: Fred Gibson, AQ Shipley, The 2008 Draft Class...

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    I'm gonna say it'e a toss up between Huey Richardson and Jamain Stephens honorable mention Tim Worley,Alonzo Jackson,Mathias Nkwenti, Danny Farmer and Tee Martin.
    It's no fun when the rabbit has the gun

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    This is a tough thread because it is so vague. Is it fair to compare Tee Martin (5th rounder) with Huey Richardson (15th pick overall)? Not really. Technically, the "worst Steelers player ever" is probably some guy who never played in a game and we never heard of.

    Names I'd throw out there: Weegie Thompson, Limas Sweed, Cliff Stoudt, Bubby (sorry Bubby Blister), Ryan McBean, David Woodley, Alonzo Jackson, Jeremy Staat, Tyrone Carter

    Honorable Mention: Maddox (based soley on the Houston game where we lost despite holding the Texans to about 50 yards total offense. That TV is sitting in a landfill somewhere with a hole in the screen the same shape and size as my fist.)
    Kemo-Actually had a couple of good years but always found a way to make a big mistake at a crucial point.

    And my absolutely most hated Steeler ever is not a player but a coach, Joe Walton. Man he sucked.

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    Mark Malone hands down in the last 40 years....

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