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Thread: The worst Steelers player ever?

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    Question The worst Steelers player ever?

    Say it ain't so, there have actually been "bad" players on the Pittsburgh Steelers? You mean not everyone was "the best ever" at their respective position?

    I came across this while searching around some NFL blogs and thought it might something interesting to talk about with all the great members on steeleraddicts.

    Unfortunately not everyone has been a Terry Bradshaw, Franco Harris, Jack Lambert, Lynn Swann, Greg Lloyd, Ben Roethlisberger or what have you. Even the most die hard black n gold homers have to admit that sometimes you just have that one player that you could not stand. The guy that you just didn't like, never played well, or even if he did you just never liked.

    So who's your worst player(s) ever? (Hey it's the offseason, there's only so much news to talk about right LOL)

    NFL from the sidelines

    For my choice there have been some really bad players over the decades.

    Cliff Stoudt was just beyond terrible at QB.

    That whole Hartwig and Mahan disaster on the offensive line comes to mind too.
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