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with the way he played last year it's very likely.

and don't make the excuse that he was out of position, other injured players blah blah.

top positional players play great with or without a supporting cast.

This is what's wrong with Pittsburgh sport fans and their "6" trophies, you think every year super bowl, every year should of been super bowl, think every player is best or at least amazing that starts with the exception of william gay and rashard mendenhall.#

-------- you guys do know spence average far more tackles than Timmons in college and almost just as many sacks... spence easily had the better college career, so why can't he become a better pro (which he will) or have the presumption to be.
comparing their college careers is insane. Timmy Chang had more passing yards than peyton manning, garrett wolfe had more rushing yards than adrian peterson, montee ball has more TDs than barry sanders, what the **** are you trying to prove? timmons played DE in college, was drafted as a 34 OLB, and got moved to a 34 MLB even though his best fit was a WILL in a 43.

spence's best spot is also a WILL in a 43, and thats exactly what he played in college, and he was drafted as a nickel linebacker and special teamer