Read this one earlier today and had to laugh; Harrison thinking New Mexico and Keisel is like, no it's Mexico...let's bring some guns!

Recently, Pittsburgh Steelers grizzled defensive end Brett Keisel joined WDVE’s morning show to discuss his trip to Mexico City for a youth camp and Steelers fan camp, which took place over the weekend.

Among those who joined ‘The Beard’ was star linebackerJames Harrison, arguably the most notable (and outspoken) Steeler to make it south of the border.

Although giddy to begin the expedition, Keisel poked fun at Harrison, who initially mixed up his geography, but decided to arm himself once he figured out the correct destination.

“James sends me a text, like, before we agreed to do this, ‘come with me to New Mexico to a camp.’ I texted him back, and was like, ‘Jim, I think it’s Mexico, not New Mexico.’ He’s like, ‘oh no, I’m gonna have to bring some guns.’”
It wasn’t just Harrison. Keisel himself confirmed they would be “packing heat” in a place where violence, unfortunately, runs rampant. He didn’t think there’d be much animosity toward the six-time Super Bowl champs, however.

“The Mexican Nation recognizes the six Lombardis we have, which is more than any other franchise, so why wouldn’t they root for us?”
On a more lighthearted note, Keisel probably didn’t have much of a language barrier to deal with; he says he learned Spanish by watching Looney Tunes.