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Thread: How will that playoff loss affect Ike Taylor this season

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    Quote Originally Posted by LatrobePA View Post
    Suck'n! I hope he get's it out of his mind but honestly I've never been impressed with Ike. Last year he was very good, but we shall see I guess!
    What?? Ike has always been awesome. It's hard to make your unit look good when you're surrounded by awful players.

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    Up to last year I personally thought he was very average, but that's just me and my thoughts which mean nothing

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    Quote Originally Posted by K Train View Post
    he has really grown out of being a headcase after getting burnt, it used to be an issue with him and he would blow coverages.

    i say he plays lights out again this year, he was brilliant last year. swaggin shouldnt be effected
    I agree with K-Train. Ike knows how to handle himself now. I think not only him, but the team in general feels that if they were healthier down the stretch, things would have finished much different for them. And I think they all take that little chip on their shoulders and build upon it this coming season.
    The Steeler the only way.

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    His competition hasn't been much to speak of, when you look at the DB's that have played beside him the last really good one was McFadden before he left for AZ and then got hurt. He's got some good young talent around him now, I'm excited to see them all push each other this season.

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